Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dino Alive and Fun at the Zoo

Some fun with my best friend and her daughter D.   Last weekend we headed to Jacksonville Zoo .  I had my oldest daughter  C M and my youngest CW.  D was super excited she wanted to see the dinosaurs at the Dino Alive exhibit and get a dinosaur watch.  A little girl in her class had gotten one and said from there.  Unfortunately, at the end of our zoo adventure the gift shop had no dinosaur watches.  Poor little D.  She was fine though she quickly picked out a pack of zoo animals instead and I hope she is enjoying them. 

Little C had the best time at the Zoo ever.  We had just visited the end of December, but it is amazing what a couple of months makes in a child's life.  He would point at everything and say Mama hurry LOOK you see.  I LOVED it!  He loved the carousel ride this time last time he screamed and had to get off.  I do believe he would have rode all day had I let him.  Thank goodness I had my daughter with me she is such a big helper and she took him on the ride 3 times.  This is sad but I get terribly sick on the carousel ride.  Seriously , I know so sad!  He got to ride the cho cho which of course was a huge deal for the little fellow in my life who loves trains. 

The Splash Park has opened up for the season and he loved it.  Both the little ones though only stayed in a few minutes and were freezing.  So, I guess its still a bit cold for little people.  Or ours anyway. It will be open through September weather permitting.  It's a pretty cool little area if you ask me.

We loved the water area even though it was pretty chilly. 
Photo taken from Zoo website

But his favorite favorite thing of the entire zoo had to be the dinosaurs.  That little boy was so excited he ran from dinosaur to dinosaur and would get right up as close as he could and say Roar!  I was afraid he would be frightened but not in the least. 

Here's what the zoo says about the exhibit:

You’ve heard the buzz…Dinosaurs have been loose in Jacksonville! The staff at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has rounded them up and corralled them in secure paddocks where they are free to r

Dino Egg Scavenger Hunt 2011

Date: Apr 23
Event Information:
As Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens rounded up the dinosaurs that were loose in Jacksonville several months ago, it appears that several managed to lay eggs throughout the Zoo.  Can you help us find them? 
Children ages 12 and under can come to the Search Team Tent at Main Camp starting at 10 a.m. to get written clues for a scavenger hunt of Dinosaur Eggs hidden throughout the Zoo.  They will collect stamps for each one they find, and when they find all 12, they can return to the Search Team Tent to collect a prize!  The Search Team Tent is open until 4 p.m.  All participants will receive dinosaur tattoos and an entry into a grand prize drawing just for attempting the hunt.
Participation is free with Zoo admission. 
oam. Join us as we study their behaviors and track their movements! It’s an exhibit that’s not to be missed! 

On April 23rd they are going to have a Dino EGG hunt.  How fun!   I love this idea!!

There was even a dinosaur that  squirts water from its mouth. LOL.   So, of course the kids got wet.   My daughter backed up she did not appreciate the squirt.  This exhibit at the Zoo was a lot of fun. We had a really great day.