Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crayola Colored Bubbles

Did the Easter Bunny bring anyone colored bubbles in their baskets?  If so, what did you guys think?

 I must say this Mama was kind of disappointed with them.  I'm really surprised, because I usually LOVE my Crayola.  We had the orange colored ones in our basket.

I was iffy on weather I would purchase them to begin with. Why? I had saw some other bloggers saying they stain , so I was not sure I wanted to deal with the mess.  In the end I could not resist though. 

They did make a mess everything they landed or popped on they left an orange blob.  Looked like a paintball fight had taken place in the yard.  Poor C had a couple pop on his face and he had a speckled face.  I will give Crayola a thumbs up on the fact that they truely did wash right off. 

I thought the coloring was pretty when they popped, but I didnt find them to be as colorful as I thought as bubbles.  If any of you had any other colors were your bubbles vibrant?  Mine you really didnt see much color until they popped and left a blob of orange.

C still had fun with them .  What toddler can resist chasing after bubbles.  Mama was the one complaining.  Looking forward to your thoughts.

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