Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alligator Farm

This week we visited the Alligator Farm on a play date.  No toddlers got eaten by gators on our watch. Hooray for these Mamas.

 C had a horrible day behavior wise .  Unfortunately, we were already over an hour away from home and had ridden with someone else before it began.  What do you do when you go on a group outing and your child is misbehaving no matter what you try?  I was so upset just a couple days before we had went to the zoo and he loved it so much.  Don't get me wrong he had a good time, but it could have been so much better.  Plus it was very stressful for me .  Do you get stressed when your away from home and your toddler is acting like a tyrant? 

Crocodile Crossing Zip through the zoo is now open.  It's a zip line through the entire park.   Cost $65 per person.  I personally think that is a little bit much but hey.  We did not do this one on our visit.  I actually think the price of the park is a bit much not to sound cheap but with a military discount it was $19.98 a person.  That is about what I paid at the zoo, and it had a lot more animals and activities. 

They have a contest going on write now called Flat Maximo.  I think this is pretty cute for the kiddies.

Flat Maximo Contest

Maximo is turning 40! In honor of his birthday the St Augustine Alligator Farm will be hosting our first ever Flat Maximo contest. This contest is open to EVERYONE and you can enter as many photos as you like!

Entering is easy! Follow the steps below:
  1. Print out Flat Maximo Flat Maximo cutout.
  2. Color/decorate your Flat Maximo.
  3. Take a photo of your Flat Maximo keeping in mind the contest categories.
  4. Send in your entry.

Make sure you include the following information:
    1. Your name and age
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. e-mail address
    5. Where the picture was taken
Send your photo to:Mail: Flat Maximo Contest
St Augustine Alligator Farm
999 Anastasia Blvd
St Augustine, FL 32080
Email: Katie Girvin
subject line: Flat Maximo Contest

If you have a bit of an older child , if you go online to teacher resources from the web page and print scavenger hunt its pretty cute. 

One of the toddlers in our play group is absolutely fascinated by reptiles.  He has a book of reptiles and can name every ones scientific name . He was so cute he would walk through and point that ones in my book and that ones in my book.  This guy was the reason we picked this outing , so I am super glad he enjoyed it. 

They also have a Small snack bar if you arrive at Lunch time like we did.  C had chicken nuggets and H had a grilled cheese both kids meals.  I think I spent $11.68 on 2 kids meals.

Alligator Farm St.Augustine Florida
The swamp

Alligator Farm
The rookery

Alligator Farm St.Augustine Florida

You can hold a baby alligator and take a picture with your camera for $5 or theirs for $9.  C would have no part of touching/ holding that.  He was way more interested in the stuffed gator from the top picture.  I have a picture of me somewhere at about 8 years old holding one.  If it wasn't for digging all through my moms stuff at her house I'd have to find it and share it.    Overall it was a fun day and I would go back again.