Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writer's Club

Going to try out writers club over at Moms Tree House.  Looks like fun and we'll see how creative I can be. 

#1  Write about the most difficult situation you found yourself in and how you overcame it.
#2 Describe the moment you realized you were becoming your mother.
#3 Sometimes, I’m a bad mommy because…
#4 What are your favorite colors of summer and why?

Let us see where to begin.

  What is the most difficult situation you have found yourself in and how did you overcome it? 
There have been many difficult situations in my life and many blessings too.  One of the most difficult of my life was going through chemotherapy as a young woman. I endured 8 weeks of it.  I felt like this is not suppose to happen to me, I was angry and hurting, sick and I felt selfish because so many were worse off than me.    How did I get through ?  I took it one day at a time because I had to.  I was a young mother, a daughter and a wife and I had to be strong and get through to many people needed me.  With their love and strength we survived it and it is a battle I hope I never have to face again.

The moment I realized I was becoming my mother.  Now that is funny.  I do not think I have became my mother, but I will say I am a lot like her in so many ways. 

Sometimes, I'm a bad mommy because...lets see t his is hard for me .  Sometimes, I just need to take more time to really pay attention to what they are saying!  Sometimes I need to remember to not raise my voice.  I am naturally Loud and I have one child who so stresses even if I'm not getting on to him by raising my voice.  Sometimes, I need not stress over the little things and just ENJOY however it may turn out. 

My favorite colors of summer are tangerine orange and teal or turquoise.  I love summer flowers, and gardens and the beach.  The beach is the most peaceful place on EARTH if you ask me .  A little piece of heaven left here for us to so enjoy.  They just make me want to be happy, to smile,  to go outside and soak up the sun and build a sand castle.