Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

Kids are so funny.  I know as a Mom I have said many many times I should keep a book of all the funnies mine do.  They have in in tears sometimes with the things that come out of them mouths.  Memories of laughter and smiles, embarrassment maybe but great ones for sure.  I thought I'd tell you a few of ours.

C my oldest use to sing Amazing Gravy at the top of her lungs (Amazing Grace).  I to this day can not hear that song without thinking of her.

C and her K are  2 years apart.  From the time he was little she had names other than his name for K that were just out of the blue random names that she would call him for months.  Donkey boy, I think she got this from Winnie the Pooh but whenever she was fussing or aggravated she would call him a Donkey boy.  From Donkey Boy it went to Maurice and the way she said it was downright hilarious.  This lasted for a couple of years poor K.  My silly girl the things she comes up with even as a toddler.

K one time told Nana he would be rich and when he died he was taking it  all with him to buy heavenly things.

There are just so many I could go on and on.  Leave me a comment I can't wait to hear some of your funnies.

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