Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend stop by

We are having a busy baseball filled weekend.  So, much going on.  I know you guys are Busy too.  Would love to hear what your up to stop by and leave me a comment.

I took my boys to the UF baseball game yesterday.  Little C's first UF game and he was so excited.  Although, about 4 innings was his max of sitting probably.  It's great to be a Florida Gator they won the game 1-0.   My older son enjoyed all of the game while Little C and I went exploring.  We enjoyed ice cream and sodas, and PBS kids was at the game with some coloring pages and a neat set up for the kids to try.  Little C loved it and it gave this mommy a new at home project idea.  Pictures coming as we move on that =)

The best part though was he got to see CURIOUS GEORGE.  OH, my goodness that has been his very favorite for so long we watch George every single day.  I wish you could here how he says it , because its the cutest little "George" .  We had know idea Curious George would be at the game.  Little C could not wait he was so excited, but then when he went to get his picture taken he got a little bit nervous.  He preferred him from afar.  He also got to meet Albert the Alligator yesterday.  It was a fun filled day.

We had our Pull Ups Potty Dance Party .  Thank YOU house party and Pull ups for the great goodie bags.  More info coming on those events. 

Today we have a double header with Hitmen at 1 & 3 so good luck to my favorite #12.   This mommy is tired.  The heat takes it out of you boy.  It rained here last night so maybe it won't be to bad.

A busy week ahead with more baseball, dentist appointments, air conditioner service, and my favorite a dinosaur themed play date. 

Thanks for stopping by hope you guys are having a GREAT weekend to.