Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

This week at my house has been busy busy with baseball games, dental appointments, home repairs.  You name it we've probably had it going on.  Not to  mention Little C has felt good one day,  bad the next.  Not sure what is going on with him.  Teething maybe?  

Our March Sensory Bin.  I put items in a box  this ti me and he can set it on the high chair and play.  Has green sand, the $ is large play money, green rocks, and clovers and a cup.  Would you think he would like this?  He loves putting the rocks into a cup and pouring them back out. 

Here's another photo with the cup.  This has lasted him all week on and off.  Until he begins throwing the rocks or sand then I take it away.  I like that it has a lid and is so portable, and when he tires of it I'm going to just add it to the "farm sand table" minus the $ .

We took some of the play money and put it under paper and made rubbings with green and gold crayons.

                                This didn't take a long time and he got bored with it and move on. 

Spray Paint Clovers, I added green paint and a tad of water to spray bottle .  I had some of the clovers left from the sensory bin and we placed them on paper and spayed around them.  These did not turn out near as pretty as our Valentine's ones. I used cookie cutters on those and I think that works better.

Little C really likes painting with a spray bottle though.  He even managed to spray the wall a couple of times. No worries though it wipes right off.

As you can see we have focused on green this week for St. Patrick's Day.  Can't wait to see what you guys have been up to.