Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toddler Tuesday : I SPY BOTTLES

Our project for this weeks toddler Tuesday is I spy bottles.  I am sure you guys have seen them all over the web just as I have so this is not an original idea by far.  My first love with the I object themes came from our local library.  They have I spy bean bags that focus on rhyming words and Little C loves them.  I picked up some stuff at Joanne's this weekend and that will be a future craft project for sure. 

Little C has been sick the last few days.  We ended up doing this late at night after he had napped most of the day, but was feeling a little bit perkier.  Our final bottle I think had to much sand in it.  I will definitely use less next time or try out rice.  It was hard to see some of our objects. 

                                                           Here is what we added to our bottle.  I'm going to laminate
                                                              this picture and attach!

                                                                         We added the dinosaurs a little later.

Little C really enjoyed making these.  His favorite thing was the funnel.  He thought the funnel was amazing. 

To create this bottle was really easy.  We took green play sand (by the way if you have not seen it yet the colored play sand is AWESOME). Little C used a measuring cup and spoon to dump sand into the funnel.  We chose small objects that would fit into the bottle.  We added them little bits at a time along the way.  I laid out all of the objects before we put them in a bottle and took a picture so I could make an I spy card to easily locate objects.  Then the final step I hot glued the lid on.  I wish I would have waited for that final step and poured a little b it of the sand off.  Overall though I think we are doing great. 

I found some great ideas for I spy bottles at Teacher's Net.  We will definitely be trying them out.  I also have some huge pickle jars saved to do eye spy jars on a play date.  The possibilities are just endless.

                                                                              Our I spy bottle!

Coming Soon I Spy Bean Bags =)