Thursday, March 3, 2011


I can't believe I almost missed Toddler talk Thursday.  Where the heck have I been all day?  Terrible Terrible I know how could I forget it is Thursday? 

Topic of the week is snacks...share your favorites and your toddlers favorites. 

C's favorite snack is strawberries.  He will eat a quart at a time if you let him.  The child can not resist them and this makes his mommy plenty happy too.  Another favorite is yougurt all though he is a bit messy with that.  Lastly a quick easy favorite which is also handy when in a bind because fast food places now have them is apple slices.  I'm so glad they have those now. 

Mommys favorite snack for herself would be a quick piece of chocolate.  On a rough day when you are feeling frazzled that piece of chocolate is like a little piece of heaven.

His favorite use to be cheese which was nice and easy, but he seems to change his mind about that here lately.  C is doing that with a lot of things it is interesting around here.  One day out of the blue all of his favorites were no longer his favorites?  Makes it interesting for sure especially for the mommy who is trying to figue out what it is he wants. 

I think a great topic for next week would be boundaries.  I would love to know how you guys help your toddler understand boundaries.   For example today I took C to a new park.  A fabulous park if it wasnt so far away.  I wanted C to play in the toddler area, which I showed him where he could play and turned him loose (by loose I am right there just letting him play I mean)  .  C has no intentions of staying in the area I ask him too though he is determined to do all of the things hes not suppose to or get in front of the swings etc etc. and it turns into a battle. 

Go by and give your host some love , link up and share your favorite snacks !!