Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday: Fruit Loop Rainbow St.Patrick's Day Craft Activity

So, excited to be the featured blog this week.  Thanks so much.  Today we're sharing a fun St.Patrick's Day Activity for small children.  I love it because the materials are edibile.

  It's a Fruit Loop Rainbow.

All you do is print out a rainbow template with your printer and then let your child glue fruit loops to it. So cute. If you'd like you can add cotton balls or marshmallows for the clouds also.

Fruit Loop Rainbow Kids St.Patricks Day activity photo fruitlooprainbowcraft.jpg

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Our Suggestion for new topic:  How much TV time do you set for your toddler?

Next weeks selected topic : 
What items make up your toddler’s toybox (what items that are not toys that they have claimed their own make up their toybox)? Such as pieces of ribbon, old remotes, dvd cases, etc