Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Do you have a teenage daughter or tween who is into Pretty Little Liars?  What about you have you read the books or watched the show?  I have a bookworm for a daughter she reads everything.  She has read the books and watches the show.  I just recently borrowed the books and read book 1-4 this week, now I am waiting for 5-8.  I just ordered them last night.  My daughter is extremely happy that she loaned me the books now, since I purchased the next set and she doesn't have to now.  Ha.  She likes to save her $.  Our local library only had one in the series that's why we are buying and not checking out. 

I must say when I started out book one I was thinking this is definitely a tween/teen book.  However, after the first couple of chapters I quickly became hooked.   Have I watched the show NO.  I probably will not, but I can not wait for the next set of books to arrive on my doorstep.  My daughter is 14 and in high school so I think the content is OK for her.  However, I'm not sure I would find it as acceptable for a tween.  I suppose everyone has to make that judgement for themselves.  I do recommend that if you have a younger daughter who has jumped onto the Pretty Little Liars fan club that you read it or preview it and see if you do feel it is appropriate for her. 

Here is a little about the first four books in the series.

Ali befriends four girls in the Middle School and takes them from average to popular.  Ali, is the girls Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna's best friend and then she goes missing one night.  No one knows what happened to her.  She has secrets with all of the girls, and has made them all keep a huge secret. 

Now, it is 3 years later the girls are in high school and someone is sending them text messages named A, and knows all of their secrets.   A...has the girls jumping through hoops to keep their secrets and outs them when she does not get her way.  The question being who is A.

The girls:
Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell(on show)- is a swimmer,  who is trying to decide if she is gay or not
Spencer Hastings played by Troian Bellisario (on the show) - is an over  achiever focused on school work and overly competitive with her sister Melissa
Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale (on the show) is artsy and considered a little bit weird.  Her family is having problems and she is dealing.
Hanna Marin played by - played by Ashley Benson (on the show) Hanna is the unpopular chubby girl turned skinny/popular she is battling an eating disorder and insecurity issues
Alison DiLaurentis played by Sasha Pieterse(on the show) Ali is beautiful, popular, blonde and persuasive.  She had all of the other four secrets.

Mystery,   Romance, Murder, Stalker this series  has it.   You can find out more a bout the books over at Pretty Little Liars Blog.