Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Little Artist having Random Fun

Random Fun....

My guy was needing a keep busy project this past weekend.  So, I tore off a piece of wrapping paper and taped the white side out on our wall.  Then I pretended to draw his brother  just a sloppy outline but he LIKED this.  Then set him to work with crayons and markers decorating.  We love our Crayola products at this happy home. 

Working on it

He came back to this several times during the day.  I am sure we will do this again soon.

Crayola window chalk is a must have at our house.  Not only does my little one enjoy it daily, but so does my teenage daughter.  I must say I really enjoy seeing what she comes up with to leave me on our sliding glass doors each day.  She simply can not resist the window chalk markers sitting there.  She draws something every day.  My little one loves to run up to whatever she is drawing and scribble through it.  He can be a Turkey.  I love it, a pack is only about $4 at Walmart and it keeps two of my kids happy and busy and is pretty much mess free.  I just have to wipe the doors down with glass cleaners and paper towels to clean it up.

                                                        C .  decorating our doors with window chalk.