Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you could eat dinner with one fictional character who would it be and why?

I saw this prompt at Social Moms the other day , and thought to myself what a great topic.  How fun this will be to share with the family.  Or NOT.  First I messaged all that can type or write this question.  To my disappointment I did not receive a response from one of my crew.  So, I called them in and asked them the question face to face.  The responses," I don't know use your own brain!" (not nice dear daughter), "Umm I don't know", (middle son) and husband clueless.  So, there that idea goes they wouldn't even consider it.  Little C I can tell you would love to dine with Clifford, or Curious George, Mickey Mouse and the gang, or Jake and the Never land Pirates.  Of course he is only 2. 

Now I pose the question to myself.  Actually, I have thought and thought over this and their are just so many fictional characters.  Jasper , or Edward, or another just gorgeous vampire from Twilight.  They are a bit young though ,but pretty to look at .This is all in fun right.   How about my very own Fairy God Mother.  I think how delightful it would be to sit and dine with her for an evening.  Maybe she could turn me into Cinderella minus the wicked step mom/stepsisters for a night or grant a wish or two.  At the very least give me a magical evening with my Prince Charming for the evening.   How about Katniss from Hunger Games, she seemed to have great strength and was a survivor.  Not sure she would be much of a conversationalist though.

Wait a minute now my children are reconsidering although  I think they may be pulling my leg.  Dear Daughter says she would choose to dine with Sponge Bob (help us all) , because he lives in a pineapple and he knows the crabby patty secret formula and plays with bubbles a lot.  Oh, my!  She's 14 so maybe I will text her the question in a day or so and get a serious response???  

Seriously, I can not say that one fictional character in particular has greatly influenced my life.  As, I sit back and think I find myself being as silly as my dear children.  Who would make great conversation or be well just fun to dine with?  Who would make me laugh , or grant a wish. 

So, now I will ask you guys if you could eat dinner with one fictional character who would it be and why?  Hopefully, some of you will leave me a comment and not totally ignore me like the rest of my zoo did. 

This topic was inspired by a writing prompt at Social Moms.  Stop by and check them out

Dear Daughter says hi:D  and that Sponge Bob is the bomb!