Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How does your toddler help out? Toddler Talk Thursdays

Here to chat about how my little man helps out.  He is a great helper sometimes to much so!  Some of his favorites.  Well he loves to ride the vacuum cleaner now that is helping right?  I figure the extra weight on the vacuum counts as some sort of extra exercise.  His favorite thing is to probably help mop.  He has his own little mop and he loves to dip it into the mop bucket and go to town.  Sometimes, I even catch him dipping it into the dishwater in the sink so he can clean.  He has a little broom also.  This one is kind of funny he keeps it in the bathtub.  Yes, an odd toy for the bathtub but let me tell you what he on his own decided to use his broom for.  He takes shampoo and squirts on the side of the tub and scrubs away.  Now , why would I complain ?  My little helper.  C also loves to clear his plate from the highchair.  Sometimes correctly and sometimes with food flying across the kitchen.  You never know what you will get with C.  He loves to help fix things with tools.  Right in the middle of everything.  This week he used his hammer to accidentally bust out our living room window.  That was fun.  (just a toy plastic hammer) Boy was daddy not very happy.   Helping with the laundry oh yes let me mention how he helps with the laundry.  He makes me hurry hurry hurry to put it all away before he unfolds it and throws it all over the living room.  This is a GREAT help, otherwise I would surely leave it sitting on the couch for a bit.

I wouldn't trade this helper for the world.   Link up below with how your helper helps at home.  Be sure to follow your three hosts Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom  so you can keep up with toddler talks.  My suggestion for next weeks topic is how do you help your toddler adjust to time change?