Monday, March 14, 2011

Hopping Monday

I wish I was hopping this Monday.  With the time change and busy weekend I'm dragging just a tad.  I so wanted to stay in bed  this morning.  How about you guys?   Loving my new furniture it is all in place and looks great and very comfy to.  So, happy! 

I stayed up to late reading.  My dear daughter has me reading Pretty Little Liars.  I finished book 1 at 1:30 am .  I know crazy but I get started and want to finish it.  I  just know if I put it down and go to bed I will have to wait for 5 minutes here and there to read a bit, so I keep reading.    You Mamas ever do anything like that ?

I did start my morning winning a Cookbook giveaway.  Yeah, that will make a good start to the week right.

Here are some hops I am linking up to this morning.  Have a fabulous Monday and I look forward to the week with you guys.


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