Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EASY PEASY Make it yourself PUZZLES

OK, I told you guys I could not wait to share these puzzles with you.  They are so easy to make , so easy to store, and so easy to play with.  I love them.  I found this wonderful idea at Play Create  Explore one of my favorite favorite blogs.  I find so many things to do on this blog.  So lets get busy making some easy peasy make it yourself puzzles.  The kids love them.

How to Make Craft Stick Puzzles : 

Here is what you need:

Craft sticks
Mod Podge
Photo or picture printed on card stock

This first puzzle I actually did on regular printer paper and it turned out OK, but it is better on the thicker paper. 

1.  Choose your picture and print it or have your child color it if your doing a coloring page.

2.  Cut your picture out to the shape or size you want.

3.  Lay out craft sticks to size of picture

4.  Mod Podge back of picture and place on top of craft sticks

5.  Now modge podge top of photo to seal it.

6.  Let dry, took mine a couple of hours

7.  Now cut between sticks with an exacto knife (do on back of puzzle to keep your lines straight)

8.  I took a sharpie and # my sticks in order for an easy reference of which way they go

Lay out sticks

Modge Podge picture  to sticks. 

This will seal it. 
Now you have a cute and personal puzzle. 

My son loves Curious George. We took this picture at  a PBS event. So it worked fantastic for 

our puzzle. C loves it!