Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinosaur Themed Playdate

I found the idea to do a dinosaur themed play date, with recipe for dinosaur eggs and sensory bin over at Play Create and Explore.  I was so excited to find the idea and had to run with it. 

I took a Rubbermaid box with lid and I used a mixture of green play sand and rocks.  I was afraid if I used all rocks C would throw them he throws everything and hurt someone.  Then I got lots of different dinosaurs and put in it.  Some scoops and sand like toys.  He loves it he gets the dinosaurs and goes RRR its so cute.  I actually had the play date on video to share, but couldn't get it to upload darn it. 

C and I made dinosaur eggs to give out in the goodie bags, and I also put a few of these into the Dino sensory bin.   He had so much fun making them, but he wasn't overly excited about breaking them apart to get out the dinosaurs later on.  They are really cute for the goody bags though.

I recycled our bags from American Eagle and made color me dinosaur goody bags.  The other day I  was at an event that PBS was set up at.  They had Dinosaur Train bookmarks with stickers and other goodies too.  I picked up several of the bookmarks for the goody bags.   I found a super sized dinosaur coloring book at the dollar tree.  I hung large pictures of dinosaurs all around and set up paint and marker stations so the kids could create dinosaurs and then take them home.



What you need:
1 cup flour
1 cup used coffee grounds
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup sand
3/4 cup water
mixing bowl
small plastic dinosaur toys (I found these at dollar tree also)

Dry out your coffee grounds before hand.  I did these overnight.

       Mix all dry ingredients.  Slowly add water and knead like you would bread dough.  You may add more sand and flour to get a doughy consistency. 

When the dough is in a moldable state mold around your dinosaurs. 

You can air dry these for several days OR bake them on a cookie sheet at 150 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until you poke them and they aren't soft anymore.  I Baked mine at 200 degrees for 45 minutes my oven didn't go as low as 150.

                                         Coming out of the oven.

all wrapped up

Color Me Goodiy Bags.
Equaled a successful play date and lots of fun for some little boys.