Monday, March 21, 2011

The CRAZY things we do for guess who our children!

The crazy things we do for our children.  I'm sure you all have had some kind of moment or if not eventually will.  A moment where the normal sane you flies out the door and gives into a childish impulse or whim or simply just does something far out in left field in the name of being a Mom or helping out your child.

Me , I confess I am Guilty.  Recently my husband was talking about just this topic. 

Our son decided he really wanted to show a hog for FFA and be in the fair.  So, much so he would spend his own money to purchase the hog.   Of course  we give in and say OK.  Let me  just mention here that  we are not farmers by any means.  I have never ever owned farm animals until  my children came along and somehow I always get roped into it.  In all fairness I don't mind the animals but wait till you hear the crazy part of the story.  We agree and he gets the hog.  We do not realize the amount of work that goes into this king of project or at least I don't think I really really knew.  Anyway, there are certain things along the way you must do to meet fair requirements.  One of which is having your hogs ear tagged on a certain date , certain time etc.  Well, this day comes and we have no truck, no help and are like uh oh now what are we going to do?  Guess who let a piggie ride in the back of her Suburban to get his ear tagged.  Yes, this Mama.  Oh my goodness did I ever feel like the hillbilly Mama.  And piggie stunk to high heaven. I was so afraid the smell would not get out of my car, but thank goodness it did.  My husband and I pull up into this long line of horse trailers loaded with hogs, we were just dying laughing and embarrassed but hey he needed this done so we got it done.  Fortunately, another poor parent pulled up with their hog roaming around in a minivan.  That did make me feel just a tad better.  I had mine in a dog crate at least. 

Another crazy...lets see.  One time I took my oldest daughter yard selling.  Now she is 14 so this was several years ago.  We found a sandbox and some other yard toy she wanted and it was a good deal grant you.  But it would not fit into my minivan.  So, what to do what to do?  Mama duct taped it to the roof oh Yes I sure did.  To this day my daughter claims duct tape will fix, hold anything. .  Probably another one of them hillbilly moments to now that I'm thinking about it.

Speaking of dear daughter she got us into goats for 4H.  We bought a little pygmy for her to show in the fair one year.  She ended up being a pregnant pygmy and giving birth just  few days before the fair.  So, dear daughter had to take Mama and baby and show.  It all worked out though.  Her goats were a trip though, we fenced , and re fenced our yard for them darn goats.  I actually liked them, and if we ever move where we have some land wouldn't mind at all turning farm girl.  However, it was to much for my dear husband to come home and have goats asleep by the pool in the lawn chairs.  The goats found a new home. 

How about when your showing them how to do something, or showing them how good you use to be.  How many of you have strapped on  a pair of roller skates, or gotten out on the baseball field to show them you still have it in you.  Only to find that after twenty years of not doing these activities you can barely move the next day. 

I could go on and on, but now that I have had a good laugh thinking about some of these things I will stop.  Leave me a comment I can't wait to hear some of the things you have done.