Thursday, March 3, 2011

Childrens Book or other items from Totsy GREAT DEALS

Thank You to Tight Wad in Utah I just signed up for Totsy and scored a childrens book
For .10!! Wow Wow Wow!  It's easy follow these steps to get the book or shop around and find something else.  You just need to consider the shipping charges when you shop. 
1. Join here:

2.  If you choose the book scroll down to Sterling Publishing
3. Put in your address and confirm it
4. Put in 15CREDIT for promo code and it will deduct $15 from total charges Can You say YEAH!!

The book was $7.15 and then the shipping.  So, if you dont want the book shop around there are several dvds and products that would get you a really good deal. 

Thanks again to for sharing this deal!