Saturday, March 12, 2011

10 that make me smile

It is the weekend and we are spending it at the ball field.  It is the perfect weather the Florida sun is shining and its a little bit cooler than it has been.  I just wanted to stop in with something short and decided I'd do something about me.  Here goes 10 surefire things to put a smile on my face.

1.  I  Love You Mom doesn't matter which says it, always special.

2.  To capture what I consider to be a great photo.  Makes me happy every time.

3.  Coming home to a clean house (doesn't happen often lol)

4.  To win a giveaway or get a great bargain

5.  When my 3 are hanging out together and not fighting that is bliss.  I love to see them with each other.

6.   Projects with hand prints

7. When he says,  I'll cook tonight (again doesn't happen often)

8.  the beach

9.  a really good piece of chocolate

10.  key lime pie