Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome New Followers

~ Good Morning !  I just wanted to stop by and personally welcome all of my new followers.  I was so excited this morning to see all of you under follow and read all of the comments you left on post.  Tuesday blog hop was definitely worth while I more than doubled my followers yesterday.  Yay!  I would also like to thank my steady oldies who have been hanging in with me since the beginning.  You guys are AWESOME.

Today it is chilly here in Florida.  We are off to a neighboring town to visit Jump Zone with  some friends.  Hopefully, lots of fun is in store.  I am hoping our boys are not to young they are 2.  I know mine likes to jump, just don't know if he will be afraid of the big slides you never know with that guy. 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for making my morning!