Friday, February 25, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday...Have you put your toddler into a bed yet?

The topic question this week is...Have you put your toddler into a bed yet?  Share Tips/ Tricks  Go by the host family and life in Las Vegas to join in and link up.

Have I put my toddler into a bed yet.  Yes, my bed ...oh why oh why did he end up in my  bed?  I don't know how we went from crib to Mommy's bed.  We started out very well, this mommy was determined this baby , baby #3 would sleep in his own bed.  Which he did at least part of the night to start with.  Somewhere along the way the lines got blurred and he ended up in mommy and daddy's bed.  That's OK I worry myself to death waking up a billion times a night to check on him when he is in his own bed. 

As for the crib, I converted the crib to a toddler bed shortly after he turned one.  He thinks he is part monkey and climbs everything and would try to climb over the side.  I was scared to death he was going to fall and break his sweet little neck or hurt something *so we went to the toddler bed.  Now my crib converts to a toddler bed and then to a full bed which I loved this feature when I purchased it.  So practical right.  But there are the cutest toddler beds to be purchased.  Train beds, car beds...C would just flip out over this tractor bed.

My dear daughter our oldest child was 6 or older before she moved into her own bed.  I certainly hope C does not do that one.  When she got ready to move though she got ready to move.  She just up and decided she wanted to be in her big girl bed and big girl room and that was that.  My middle child K.  he slept in our bed till his dad said NO more.  Then he would sneak into our room and sleep on the floor beside my bed.  From there he moved to the couch in the family room outside of our bedroom door.  Now he sleeps in his room, but every now and again I find him on the couch .  He's 12.  I certainly hope C finds his own bed before then. 

The sad thing is the nursery is connected to our bedroom.  It's not like he will be at the other side of the house or any of that.  He is probably my last little one though so I'm going to keep him close and enjoy this extra little snuggle bug.