Saturday, February 26, 2011

Swing Sets and Toys OH MY!

What is your child's favorite accessory on their swing set?  What style swing set do you have? 

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject.

 We have a swing set that was from baby 1 and 2.  There is a 10 year difference between my baby #2 and baby #3  so our swing set has some years on it.  It is in great shape still though with lots of use still in it and will definitely last through my #3 who is suppose to be our last baby.  My dad and husband built this small fort style swing set  with the kits you get from Lowe's.  It has the rock wall on one end and a standard slide coming off of the small fort.  Sandbox underneath the fort and then the swings coming off of one end.  Right now we do not have swings on it we have some kind of net my boys use for baseball, but soon I am hoping to have swings once again on it.  Up on the fort there is also a steering wheel for pretend play so it has some goodies on it. 

Since, we do not have to buy a brand new swing set I think it would be nice to add to the one we have and make it a little bit more updated.  Plus we have plenty of time my sweet husband could add a little bit at a time.  My little guy is only 2 after all.  My husband  is not as on board for this idea.  His standing line is we have enough toys we don't need anymore.  I'll have to work on him some. 

                                                       This is the swing set we have.  Love me some Lowe's and Home Depot!

Now check out these models I just found at Lowe's.  I don't think it will be difficult at all to build on to ours.  Yippee, I can't wait for the project to begin now.  My husband will be so thrilled. 

I love the twisty slide, and it doesn't seem like a lot more to add on to the one we have at all.  What do you think a can do?   I am wondering though if anyone has this slide If you have a problem with bees or wasps making nest in it?  

We have to add these binoculars for Little C.  There is also a telescope , a phone, and many other accessories.  But the binoculars fit him to a T.  He has several pair of hand held ones he just LOVES to play I spy with them. 

The disk swing, and the tire swings look pretty neat.  My child does not like to swing on his bottom so these might be a good fit for him?  He's a little wild man. 

I love how the fort is enclosed to make more of a playhouse on this one, but my favorite feature is probably the chalk board.  Now mommy can do that one herself.  A perfect little place for C and his friends to keep score when playing ball or just about anything right.  Some also have the picnic table underneath instead of the sandbox.  I like that too.  We already have 2 sandboxes so they might be an idea. 

C's favorite thing at the park is the fireman's pole.  He saw a couple of older kids sliding down it last week and gracious I thought he was going to kill me over and over and over again he wanted to copy them.  Of course I had to hold on to him but he didn't care he thought it was the greatest.  I don't know about adding that one though. I  can picture so many injuries.  SO?  I love the covered cars and tunnels that you find on playgrounds.

 What other outside toys besides the swing set do your kids love?  The sand box is a big winner at my house.  Baseball is the #1 thing.  My boys will play for hours as long as they have a ball and bat.