Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story Time Gone Bad

Have you ever had just one of those days ...Well this day turned out to be a great one.   It started out a little questionable.  You know how your thinking of doing this or that and everything seems to turn you in a different direction.  That's how the day began. 

We ended up at Preschool Story time ...What an experience.  You never know with my guy is he going to  LOVE it and be oh so good, or will he turn into a mad man and embarrass his Mommy to know end.  Today would be the later. 

We got to story time and the story room was not open yet.  Well our library has a kid section with blocks and several toys.  Of course Mr. Man spotted them and wanted to play just as the room gets opened up. OH dear.  So, he was not to happy to go into the story room.  I was thinking yeah this is going to be great several of his little friends were there today =)!  Last week no one he knew was there and he was very shy.  So, I am pointing to his little friends , trying to get him into the morning song and dance shaking out their wiggles etc. When he tells me "NO!"  He just decided today he was having none of that.  The only toddler out of like 10 or more who is showing his behind. OH :(

Well, Mr. Man is a go go on the go boy and he does not a care to sit quietly and listen to a story when he knows he could be playing with those darn toys.  He makes a mad dash for the door during the story.   Which he can now open by himself.  I have had the lovely experience of chasing him through the library at a mad dash on more than one occasion now.  Which he thinks is hilarious, I not so much.  I catch him before he can exit this time though, but accidentally scratch him with my fingernail. Ouch.  Now at this point I am feeling bad and he is crying.  Should we just leave?

We get settled back down to participate in the activities going on again and after several minutes it is just obvious he does not want to be in this room playing with the other kids he is going to misbehave and disrupt the entire time.  So, I gather up our things and slip out.  I think I did this pretty well without being a huge disruption..  I hope.  I had sat towards the back of the room.  Besides I am sure everyone else was relieved to see the child who was fussing and throwing seat covers and hopping like a frog and doing whatever he could to not do what he was suppose to go. 

Mr. Man makes a beeline for  the toys so I let him play .  For a few minutes this is working out.  He is examining all things and enjoying himself.  Then he decides to climb on the table.  Then get on the computer and run in circles and did I mention he does not understand yet you are suppose to be quite in the library.  After several times outs, tears shed and frustrating moments for us both I decide this is not the place for us to be today and we LEAVE the library. 

Just as I get to the car the bottom falls out and as I'm strapping Mr. Man into his car seat I am getting soaked to the bone.  Fun.   Finally, he is in the seat and I get into the car and think.  Why do I come to these things?  What am I thinking leaving my nice safe house? 

Now we are home, and instantly the rain has quit.  Why could it not have waited until I was safe and dry inside.  Our friend from story time comes over, and brings the craft we did not get to make because we HAD to leave.  We ended up having one of the best play dates EVER.  Our boys played better than they ever played.  My wild man was now calm and having a good time being social.  He was not winning any awards for being a great sharer but he was not being bad he was having fun laughing, interacting.  He said a couple of new words and he even had out his books and they were looking at them together.  Wow,  then I smiled.  This is why I do this.