Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping Savings

What day do you find is the best day to do your shopping?  I am  new to the coupon world.  I prefer to do my shopping during the week rather than the weekends when the family is home.  Is there a weekday that is better to shop?  I find myself putting off shopping until the last possible moment.  Before couponing I was waited until we were nearly out of everything.  Now I wait until I better run or the sale will end. 

How do you do your shopping.?  Do you make one trip for your bargain / coupon shopping and a 2nd trip for your grocery list or do you do everything one time.  I'm still juggling this whole coupon thing.  Hopefully, I will get better.  I am loving getting the good deals  specially the FREE ones but I think I make it way more of a job than it has to be.  It seems to take me forever to gather and organize all of my coupons and make a plan.  I'm the type of girl who wants to run in get my list and be out of there.  I definitely do not want to run into ten people and chit chat.  I'm on a mission after all.  Can you tell shopping is not my favorite thing to do. 

What about goofy things you do in the name of a deal or coupon.  This past week I had a Kellogg's coupon for $1 off of 3 boxes of fruit loops or cereal.  Fruit Loops was the cereal I was buying.  Pub lix had it BOGO...OK y'all this makes me feel so dumb.  I bought only 3 boxes of cereal.  I was so focused on the $1 off I forgot to get my free box.  Boy was I mad at me when I realized what had happened. 

Tips for Shopping Success

*remember your list
*plan your meals ahead of time and around what is on sale
*remember your coupons , take a minute to organize them with your list
* go at non busy times of day (I prefer to go during the week in the early morning, some people like really late evening)

Leave a comment and tell me your shopping strategies.  I love learning something new to make the trip better and to grab a better bargain.