Monday, February 7, 2011

Rain Rain Go away!  C really wants to play. 

This child of mine thrives on being outdoors.  We are must spend time outside each and everyday.  I often smile and think God gave me boys, to make me everything I was NOT already (lol).  I was not the outdoorsy type at all.  Now I am outside as much as possible most days.  Not into sports what so ever.  Now I spend every weekend almost at  the baseball field.  See what I mean.  I am not complaing grant you, I would not give up my boys for anything. 

So, what do you do with your children when stuck inside?  I have started turning the sand water table into a sensory bin on rainy days to surprise Collin with something new. 

The first one we did last week.  It had rice which I had colored with food coloring, noodles (did the same), and oatmeal in it.  Then I added cups, bowls and I'm trying to think.  He had a blast with it.  The only thing I would say made me unhappy  would be after several hours of on and off play he decided to start throwing the stuff over his head.  OH my.  Thank goodness I have wood floors so it was just a broom/dustpan job and the mess was cleaned. 

                                                                                                   Sensory Bin #1

Sensory Bin #2  OK so pouring rain again today and I mean it has rained and rained some more today.  So, I pulled out the sand/water table again.  Today  I had purchased a few things to add to it for Valentine's Day.  I just added macaroni noodles today *had plenty of those on hand due to the free pasta I had purchased last week.  Added some heart containers in pink and red that he could open and close, red different sized kaleidoscope type things (I thought he would LOVE these because he loves bbinoculars) a red ice tray and some red measuring cups.  Today it really has not held his attention .  He played with it about 30 minutes and then he tried to eat the macaroni and that was that :( maybe he will come back to it? 

Sensory Bin #3 : I am really excited about this one and cant wait to put it together.  It's a farm bin which I know my little country boy is going to LOVE.  I am going to fill the middle with corn and the outside with green sand I think?  Then I have been stockpiling when I find something to go in it so we'll see.  I got some neat small little hand held strainers (they are for the kitchen ) at the dollar store for it, some farm animals and tractors , some different measuring cups/spoons.  I'll have to post a picture when it comes together.

Sensory Bin #4 St.Patrick's Day themed Bin : I'm going to stay with the green sand I think.  I bought a green plastic mug at dollar tree, some large different sized coins, and a leprechaun hat.  Not sure what else "green themed" will find its way into it but we will see.

Sensory Bin #5 Dinosaur Bin:  I can't wait to put this together either.  I think I am going to do this for an indoor play date in the upcoming months.  I'm going to fill the table with brown gravel, I'm going to fill the inside square with blue paper to look like water and then I've gotten several different sized dinosaurs and eggs, plants to put in. 

Pictures to come.