Saturday, February 19, 2011


Pumbaa the pig is a hog my middle  child is showing for FFA.  A learning experience this has definitely been.  I think 4 H and FFA are great programs for children to get out in the community and learn.  To achieve the responsibility of taking care of  something. 

I do not think that K. had any idea the amount of work and time showing a hog involves.  We tried to tell him ahead of time, but I think that is just one of many lessons to be learned.  He had the attitude Mom and Dad are warning me , to make me change my mind.  A hog has to be fed twice daily, pen cleaned out regularly, walked, brushed, conditioned.  Not to mention you must keep a record book, do community service, two competition activities and attend monthly meetings to be able to show him in the fair.  Then there is the fair , we have not gotten to this step yet but I can only imagine the work time this is going to take up.  Our entire Spring break will be spent at the fair.  Fun for a kid maybe?? not as much for Mom I would really prefer to be at the beach darn it.  What we do for our children.

I think K. pictured $ signs when he began this project, but in reality I doubt that there are many $ signs to be had.  Once you subtract your project cost and time spent from your total sale. I do not think there will be a huge profit.  I will keep you posted what we make after fair.

Pumbaa has grown from 74 lbs here in November to 230 this week (February).  Wow!!  I think I knew how big he would
get , but just didn't realize how big he would get.

 I actually love the hog. I think Mom will have a very hard time with the sale and ending of Pumbaa the pig.  Yes, he is a lot of work but I'm amazed at how personable he is.  Have you ever had a hog?  He comes out every day at feeding time and runs around and flilps over like hes playing when he sees us come out.  If we are not on time he starts throwing his feed bowl, and turning things over and grunting (mad lol).  Loves to play in the water it is plump funny.  I wonder how K will do in the end. Knowing that his lovely animal will be eaten??  Does he fully realize we are selling our Pumbaa to be someones bacon?  He says yes, and that he's more than ready.  We shall see.

You see taking care of a hog is messy business.  Yes, he is adorable but he stinks to high heaven. Wish us luck the fair will be here in just a few more weeks.  Pumbaa the pig will no longer be our worry.  It has definitely been a LONG project, but I think we would do it again.

                                                                                            230 lbs