Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pull Ups Potty Dance

So, excited about our upcomig potty dance party!  Does anyone recommend a certain brand potty?  We are still in need of picking one out.  There are so many different choices out there.  Send me a  comment and let me know.

I have a boy who just turned 2.  I am thinking he will be closer to being ready in summer.  We are excited about learning the potty dance though.  Maybe this will get him excited and moving in the right direction.  So, far he has shown no interest.  He actually will take off running and hiding if he thinks you are going to change his diaper.  He wants to stop for NOTHING. OH dear. 

How old was your child when you potty trained?  Any tips? 

I am thinking of doing iron on tshirts for the potty party and then let the kids dance away in tshirt and diaper wont that be a cute photo op.  lol.  All about getting the perfect photo.  I need a potty themed or diaper free cupcake idea.  Maybe I will find something. 

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