Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mommy & Toddler Adventures for this week

Today is beautiful out in Florida.  The sun is shining and we are in the mid 60's.  Love it, we were much in need of some outdoor play after all of the rain this past week.  I know it sounds like I am whining but honest I am not.  I feel for you guys with snow.  Snow equals a lot of work.  We would never survive the cold winters you have.   While my boys are outside enjoying this wonderful day I am catching up & looking for new wonders to keep us busy this week. 

What do you like to do with your toddler / kids?  I love art stuff although my little man is not the easiest one to do art activities with .  He is a full out boy wherever he goes he seems to find a mess head to toe.  Loves the great outdoors and any activity that has to do with a ball.  His favorite thing is tball we hardly go a day without him playing with a bat and ball.  Next up would be basketball.  Kick ball or soccer not as much although probably if he was around it more it would also be a keeper.  At 2 he even hits the ball from the T, and runs the bases and slides into home yelling SAFE.  Seriously!  Do you think we are around baseball much. 

Here are some fun things I am thinking of trying out this week.

Baking Valentines apple chips *sounds yummy I'll be honest I have never in my life tasted an apple chip but little C loves apples so I'm betting he would love these

Spray paint Valentines - these are so super cute I don't know if we will get to these or not but if not I will be saving the idea and maybe do something with shamrocks .

Make a shirt: I really LOVE this shirt Little C would love the trucks/cars one either one.  I'm not sure about putting freezer paper through the printer though.  Have you guys tried this out?

Make an Eye Spy Jar  Little C loves the eye spy books although he really hasn't grasped the entire concept of looking for the things in the other picture.  Over at Play Create Explores blog she makes an eye spy jar.  I have a couple of HUGE pickle jars from canning spicy pickles saved for just such a project.  Think we will have to try this out.  This would be one of my newest and favorite blogs.  Some amazing ideas for at home projects with your kids.

Of course we are going to take advantage of the nice weather as much as possible this week.  Perhaps I should be looking for more things to do in the yard or maybe take some of these projects outside. Yes, that would work.  Just remember to have fun and enjoy every minute with your little ones.  They don't stay that way for long, as all of you mommies already know.