Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Aloha Friday!  I  got this from one of my favorite bloggers this morning.  Dee at Two of a Kind  Working on a Full House .  Her question to readers was " When you go on vacation, is it usually just your family(spouse and kids), or do others go with you?"    My answer was both.  We enjoy a vacation with my parents once a year usually at the beach.  I LOVE it !  We also, take a vacation on our own just our family and I love that too.

Here is my question for you guys.  What is your favorite family vacation memory and where was this vacation?  Thanks Guys.  Answer my question below and leave a question on your blog.

Now enjoy your Friday and kick off your weekend.  I'm especially excited today I get to watch my #5 play baseball in his first Middle School Game!  So proud of him.