Friday, February 25, 2011

Making Memories With Food "Grandmothers Kitchen"

Grannies blueberry yum yum recipe just posted at .  I am a Southern girl  and boy do I love my Southern food.  I must say I have been very very blessed with a Mama and two Grandmas that CAN  cook.  My Granny I.  was known all over the county for good old country cooking and let me tell you nothing pleased her more than to cook a meal for an entire room of people. 

It is funny the connection food has to memories.  My grandmother often let me sit on her kitchen counter and eat right out of her pots as she cooked.  I to this day can not cook 1/10 as good as she could and promise you it taste better straight out of the pot.  Sometimes I close my eyes and can smell her kitchen and the yumminess.  Some of my favorites from her kitchen...peas and snaps, greens, pot roast, mashed potatoes, my kids loved her homemade french fries and fried sweet potatoes. 

My Granny S. is more the baker.  She is a fabulous cook also and the blueberry yum yum recipe belongs to her.  Her biscuits are well known around the family they are HUGE and just delicious.  Her fried chicken is like no one Else's.  Her homemade German chocolate cake a little piece of heaven. 

My Mama I love her chicken and dumplings and her roast oh yum.  I'm so blessed to have had these fabulous women in my life to show me the art of the kitchen.  They come from a time where you still cook with fat, and butter, and cream and all that goodness.  MMM someone needs to invite me to dinner .

What kind of memories/ foods do you have from Grandmas kitchen?