Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Collin and I recently received the game Elefun as a gift.  At first I thought he's to young to play a game .The age recommendation on the game is for ages 3 to 6  years old.  We gave it a try, and to my surprise he loves it.  He does not play the game exactly as it is meant to be played, but he has a blast playing it his own way. 

Elefun is an elephant that blows different colored butterflies from his trunk.  It comes with 4 different colored nets and you try to catch the butterflies with your net.   Collin doesn't know his colors yet, but he jumps around trying to catch the butterflies and gets especially excited when Mommy catches some. 

What do I think?  I think this is the cutest game I have seen in a while.  I think it will last us several different stages.  Right now he is able to play it prior to knowing his colors.  I am using game time to point out the different colored nets and different colored butterflies.  As he grows and learns his colors he will be able to play by the actual rules.  It has also been great to teach about taking and waiting ones turn.  That's a job as you know if you have a 2 year old.

Elefun retails for $19.99.  You can find it and other preschool games from Hasbro at http://www.hasboro.com/. Hasbro offers an assortment of preschool games for children 3 and up.  I am really looking forward to trying some of these out soon.

I like that the game is easy to pick up and put together.  I like that it is bright in colors, educational and fun.  I love that my child jumps around and squeals with delight when he plays this.  I like that it seems to take a beating and keep on going.  Collin is very rough with his toys.  He will pick it up and toss it across the room at the drop of a hat. He has taken the nets and beaten the elephant trunk on more than one occasion and it has held up.  That is definitely a positive in my book.

I dislike that the nets do come apart somewhat easily.  Collin can take them right apart in seconds.  It isn't difficult to put them right back together though. 

                                                                                Trying to catch the butterflies. He
                                                                                 is ready to hop into action here!

This is my honest opinion about this item.  I have not been paid or benefited in anyway from this post.