Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bargains for this week

Have you found any great bargains this week?  So, far I saved $10 at Walgreens.  I got 2 packs of Ritz Crackers for Free, and 4 bags of candy for .50 a bag.  They are yummy too.  My wasit line may be regretting all of these good candy deals.  Wanted the razor deal but they were out going to check in Gainesville tommorow.  The toothpaste/toothbrush I confused myself with HA cut the wrong coupon out oh well.  Maybe I will pick that up to mmorow too.  Hey, remember i'm new to this couponing business.  LOL.  I was very excited about the bargains I did get. 

Trip to Winn Dixie before the superbowl.  Picked up a few things for dinner.  They have a meal deal going buy 2 pizzas, get bread sticks, 2 liter, ice cream, tyson appetizer for Free.  So, of course we had to have one of those. 
Total was $46.73 and saved  $27.83 not bad I suppose.  Messed up because I had a $5 off of $50 cash register coupon but I sanned my WD savings card first which brought my total down below the $50 darn it what was I thinking?  Oh , well saving it for our Publix trip tommorow where hopefully I am hopping happy with my coupon savings when I come out of the store.