Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who Designs Playgrounds...can't be moms.

So, this week me and my toddler ventured to the park while the weather was nice.  We love outdoors and the local parks are free FUN.  ON many of these trips I think to myself who on Earth designs these things.  Must not be moms.

For instance why not put a gate and fence around the toddler playground and keep it a separate area.  Big kids are quite rowdy when having free play and without meaning to they can simply run over a small child.  Also, small children have no since of boundaries.  They dont hesitate to take off running full speed right out of the area into whatever is ahead.  They also are curious and like to explore and climb and the bigger areas on the playground can become quite the issue. 

My favorite play place not completely closed in is the mall playground. Ha.  I honestly do not like that place, I imagine all of the germs and ugh.  But, I do let my sweet boy play there just the same.  It's only fair when I torture him with an afternoon of shopping right.  However, it never fails that this curious boy of mine will take off full speed ahead out of the playground and into the mall at the drop of a hat.  He can be focused on the slide one minute and there he goes the next.  Fortunately , when freaked out this mommy can run! 

All of the playgrounds in my area have at least one location on them open at the top where the child could fall off.  Why leave a great big area at the top of a play structure for a kid to fall??