Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talk To Me Baseball by Littlle Tikes

We just received the Talk to me Baseball by Little Tikes Tball set for a Birthday gift. Age on the gift say for 18 months and up.  I think it was perfect for my little boy who just turned 2.  He loves it!  The pieces are light weight so it is easy for him to carry from room to room or place to place as we know toddlers love to do. 

Instructions say this is an indoor only toy.  Which is perfect for us right now because its winter and we are looking for inside things to do. 

Very easy to put together which is always a plus in my book.  My 12 year old son actually put this together for me. Yay.  Just a couple of parts snapped together and you are ready to play. 

The adjustable swing arm is for a left or right handed player .  The toy has two modes active mode and counting mode.  In active mode it recognized and reacts to every hit with a comment.  In counting mode it recognizes each hit and generate different sound effect.  Thi s toy has a lot of sayings. 

Here are a few examples:
It's going going going Gone!
Hey bater bater batter batter!
Step up to the plate!
Counts to ten
Keep your eyes on the ball
& many more!!

I think this made a great gift.  I would definitely recommend this to others with little ones around the age of 2. 

This is just my own persoanl opinion about this toy.