Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year New blog

 I am new to the blog world and still trying to figure out the ins and out of this game. 

About me I am a mom of 3 in a small small town in Florida.   As many of you know life in a small town has advantages and disadvantages .  Some days I love it, and some days not so much. 

I have teenagers and toddlers under the same roof and I love it!  It is funny to say but my big kids have learned so much from my little one.  My teen daughter sees how much work a baby is and I do not for see her wanting one anytime soon.  My oldest son has grown so much since he has become a big brother and has grown into the young man I new he could be.  My toddler well he just thinks the older two walk on water.  Life with these three can be a chaotic fun Zoo but I love every minute. 

I am a stay at home who loves reading, crafts, shopping, finding that great deal, and being a mom. I am sure I left something out but we'll add that another time.

Thanks for checking me out.