Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entering the world of Savings

I have been trying to save on the grocery budget FOREVER it seems.  A family of 5 we spend as much actually a little more on food expenses each month than we do on the house payment.  Gosh!  I tried couponing and have failed miserably.  Tried making a menu and that hepls me quite a bit to stay focused when I shop.  I try to post my menus at my other blog each month stop by and see them sometime.  I would love to get some followers . 

Next, thing I have tried was Sams club and I must say Sams has helped me tremendously!  I buy for the month there and save quite a bit with things like diapers, trashbags, toiletpaper & snacks.  Not to mention it keeps me from making a dozen or more trips to Walmart month and buying the many extra things that are not on a list. 

However, I keep following blogs and watching other peoples savings and saying to myself how do they do that?  Free I would like to get Free stuff . Not to mention how fun would it be to go to the store and come out with a whole cart of stuff next to nothing.  But how?  When I clip coupons I go in, come out and have save $4.00 out of $200 so whats the point after you deduct the price of the paper? 

Friday  night I hosted a coupon class given by the lovely couopon teachers .   These ladies taught me that couponing is a whole new mindset.  You have to have a plan.  They shared the couponing lingo and told us different places to find coupons and how to put them to use.  I was so very excited about this new knowledge.  Coupon stacking seems to be one of the keys to success.  They also  shared several deals that were going right then.

So, Saturday morning I got up and went to do some deal shopping.  CVS had some laundry detergent I wanted to get on, but when I went they were out.  I failed here, because I did not get the raincheck.  Something else now learned.  Then Winndixie had pasta for 10/10 deal which makes it $1 a box.  Muellers had a coupon for $1. box making these babies FREE.  I also had coupons from Excederin for 2 bottles of  FREE Extra Strenth Excederin.  So, I was able to come home with 15 boxes of pasta , and 2 bottles of Excederin .  I also purchased a box of fruit loops, and a gallon of milk and my grandtotal was $7.38.  Can You say WhoopWhoop!  I was dancing out of the store ready to come home and print some more coupons. 

Thank you so much coupon teachers.  I can not wait to see where this takes me.

My Freebies! $33.38 SAVED